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Explaining Our Fees

When people are experiencing serious financial difficulties, they often do not see a practical way out from under their mounting stress and anxiety. When they see or read about potential solutions to their problems, most are hesitant because pursuing such strategies can require the one thing that they do not feel that they have enough of - money. Fortunately, the San Diego bankruptcy attorneys at the Golden State Law Group have years of experience in dealing with clients who are experiencing serious financial hardship, which means that we can also provide a way out from under that stress without adding to it.

Fees Can Be Paid in a Flexible Manner

If it's not going to be possible to negotiate a fair settlement for the person who has been injured, then the injured person needs to prepare for trial. This process can take hundreds of hours and involve gathering and organizing evidence, preparing and answering pre-trial motions, deposing witnesses and preparing arguments for court. If someone has been injured and is dealing with the recovery process, now is not the time to attempt to navigate through this complicated scenario alone.

Generally, people assume that dealing with any sort of attorney costs up-front money that can never be recaptured, regardless of the actual result of the situation they face. While this is generally not accurate, it's specifically inaccurate when it comes to working with our firm. When you come to us in need of financial help, the first thing we do for you is meet with you for an initial consultation free of charge.

We do this because we want to make sure that you take that all-important first step that's sometimes the most difficult one to take. Once our clients have taken that step and see for themselves the potential for peace of mind and regaining their enjoyment of life, they're glad they decided to make that initial contact.

We also take a close look at your financial situation so that we can help you pay the fees that are required by law in some situations in order to represent you. When we go through your finances, we will identify what can be done in terms of payment and when. This is all part of how we work with everyone who trusts us with their legal needs.

If this means that we can charge fees and have them paid immediately, then that's what we will do. However, if that's not possible and you need to pay the fees applicable to our high-end services over time, we can work that out as well, keeping in mind that the benefits we will help you obtain will make every bill and financial decision easier in the future.

Overall, the San Diego bankruptcy attorneys at the Golden State Law Group do not feel that money should ever be a barrier to justice and to the enjoyment of life. This is especially so when money matters have been the foundation of all the unhappiness that our clients have experienced before seeking us out for legal help.

Therefore, if you have financial problems, legal problems or any other need for help, you owe it to yourself and to your future enjoyment of life to take the time to contact the San Diego bankruptcy attorneys at the Golden State Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation. Even if we can't help you, you have nothing to lose.

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